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Mortgage rates march towards 6%, reaching highest level since 2008 — but there is some good news for home buyers

The 30-year mortgage rate is averaging at 5.89%, Freddie Mac said in its weekly survey on Thursday.

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In America, it’s legal for kids as young as 12 to work on small farms. One former child laborer describes ‘dangerous and back-breaking work.’

Kids in the U.S. can take on unlimited hours of agricultural labor so long as they don’t miss school and have a parent’s permission.

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How inflation could affect 2023 tax brackets: You may get an unexpected ‘tax cut,’ in a way

Federal income tax rate brackets, and many other federal tax parameters, are indexed for inflation.

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She called herself the Mother Teresa of Florida small-business lending, but investigators say she was really running a $194 million Ponzi scheme

MJ Capital Funding claimed to raise cash to lend to small merchants, but prosecutors say most went to the owners or was used to pay back earlier investors.

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Financial Face-Off: Should I try to sell my house in this uncertain market, or keep it and rent it out?

You have options, but understand the tax implications first.

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Latest news and advice on travel

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I shared expenses 50/50 with a friend on vacation. She wants me to split the cost of her credit card’s foreign-transaction fees. Is that sharp practice?

'Before we left for the trip, I researched my credit cards and used the one that did not charge a foreign transaction fee.'

United Airlines stock rallies as 'strong' demand leads to raised revenue growth outlook

Shares of United Airlines Holdings Inc. rose 1.4% in premarket trading Wednesday, after the air carrier raised its third-quarter revenue growth ou...

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Four travel card perks that might not be worth it anymore